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Black Premium Buffing Head - 160mm x 25mm - Soft

Black Premium Buffing Head - 160mm x 25mm - Soft


This premium buffing head is sized at 160mm x 25mm and will fit backing plates upto 127mm(5 inch) Suitable for Velcro backing plates.

This style of pad is designed to be used on a rotary polishing machine.


The colour scheme goes as follows:

Green (Hardest) this is for cutting paintwork with lots of marks and scratches.

Yellow (hard) this is good for oxidised / lightly scratched paintwork that needs restoring.

Orange (medium) this is good for light scuffed or wash marked paintwork.

Burgundy (medium/soft) this is most popular for light scuffs and refining the surface.

Black (Soft) this is popular for polishing paint work pereviously cut with a harder head to get a high gloss finish.

Red (Super Soft) this is for removing holograms, swirls and waxing.