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Blast air sanitiser

Blast Air Sanitiser - Air Freshener - Fruit, Perfume, Aftershave Scent

PriceFrom £3.95

Blast Air Sanitiser is a highly perfumed odour neutraliser perfect for use in vehicles, offices or at home. It can even be used to freshen shoes and fabrics!

Blast Air Sanitiser has been formulated to remain suspended in the air for many hours, eliminating bad odours. It's high discharge valve and actuator system is designed to fragrance large areas quickly and effectively.


Bakkarat Red 540 - inspired by Baccarat Rouge 540

Savage - inspired by DIOR Sauvage

Guilty - inspired by Gucci Guilty

Bleu - inspired by BLEU DE CHANEL

Ventus - inspired by Creed Aventus


The mixed case option will be a mix of the avaliable fragrances. You can request a different mix by leaving a note with your order upon checkout.