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Plastek - Exterior Plastic Coating & Dressing 500ml

Plastek - Exterior Plastic Coating & Dressing 500ml


Plastek is a semi permanent trim restorer and dressing. It's designed to seal all types of exterior plastic bumpers and trim. Plastek removes fading before a slow drying synthetic resin cures to seal and protect leaving a new look finish that is UV, water and weather resistant.

How to use:

1) Ensure surface is thoroughly cleaned and doesn't have any silicones or dressing applied.

2) Pour 10-15ml of Plastek on to a sponge and apply a thin even layer to the area being treated. Repeat this until surface is fully covered. Remove any runs before the product cures. (Re-apply after 15min for a glossier finish)

3) After 20-30 minutes buff to finish with a soft microfiber cloth - Allow 12 hours to fully cure. Do not wet or clean the area before this time.

1 x 500ml Bottle

Please note: the finished look differs per plastic and bumper type and some plastics may not preform as well as others.