Radiance - Hybrid Carnauba Wax & Sealant

Radiance - Hybrid Carnauba Wax & Sealant

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Radiance is a hybrid carnauba polish with a mango scent, containing a high quality blend of waxes and polymers in a non abrasive formula. It has been scientifically formulated to reduce the appearance of swirls and seal paint for up to four months while also providing give a high gloss chemical resistant finish Radiance is gentle on new paint but also has a unique additive to add a gloss back faded paintwork. The high molecular strength of this product gives excellent weather protection including, sun bleaching, acid raid and most other weathering effects Suitable for use on new and used cars, boats, caravans.

  • How To Use

    1) Shake well to ensure Radiance is thoroughly mixed.

    2) Check the surface is clean and dry.    

    3) Apply a thin film to the surface with a soft cloth or sponge in  a circular motion.

    4) Buff to a gloss finish with a soft cloth to remove any polish or residue.