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Arctic ceramic snow foam 500ml and 5 liter

Arctic - Ceramic Coating Snow Foam - 6 Months Protection In 60 Seconds

PriceFrom £8.95

With Arctic you can get up to 6 months protection in 60 seconds. Arctic is a SiO2 ceramic coating snow foam. When used with foam lance it applies a hydrophobic Si02 ceramic layer that seals and protects right at the wash stage. Arctic can apply ceramic protection to all exterior surfaces of your vehicle including paintwork, glass, alloy wheels and trim. Arctic will leave paintwork glossy and protected for up to 6 months. We reccomend you wash the vehicle with either our Blizzard or Blizzard pH first.

1) Thoroughly wash vehicle to remove all road grime. We recommend using our Blizzard or Blizzard pH.

2) Dilute 1 part product 5 parts water or around 2 inches in your snow foam bottle and top up with water.

3) Apply Arctic to a wet vehicle working in a bottom up pattern until the vehicle is covered.

4) Rinse thoroughly with clean water immediately.

5) Dry vehicle immediately with a soft microfiber drying towel.