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ROAR Ceramic Cut 1010 - 6 x 1Kg (Full Case)

ROAR Ceramic Cut 1010 - 6 x 1Kg (Full Case)


ROAR 1010 Ceramic Cut Compound

• Ceramic Abrasive sets a completely new standard for cutting action and speed.

• Removes coarse scratches & heavy abrasion equivalent to P1500 sanding marks or finer.

•Designed for all Paint Systems including the latest scratch resistant finishes.

Faster and more efficient process speed.

• Easy Handling.

° Suitable for all Roar Compounding Foams.


1. Add suitable amount of compound approximate the size of a thumb to the paint surface.

2. Before starting the machine, spread the compound evenly with the applicator pad to reduce excessive waste.

3. Initially start the polishing machine at low speed then increase to 1500 rom - 1800 pm.

4. For best resuls move the machine in one direction with a 50% overlap tinen repeat in the opposite direction.

5. Wipe clean with microfiber cloth.


Contents: 6 x 1 KG