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Phase 1 - Concentrated Pre Wash & Cleaner 5L

Phase 1 - Concentrated Pre Wash & Cleaner 5L


Phase 1 is a high-performance pre-wash cleaner designed to break down and eliminate stubborn contaminants, grime, and road debris from your vehicle's surfaces. Phase 1 has a gentle yet powerful formula, completely free from acids and other harsh chemicals, ensuring a safe and effective pre-wash.


Dilute with water according to soiling level. Recommended Dilutions :

• 100-1 for light soiling

• 20-1 for medium soiling

• 5-1 for heavy soiling

(It can be made stronger to remove stubborn marks or dirt but the user should always test a small area before use)


This item is a concentrated 5L product.

1)Apply Phase 1 using a low pressure sprayer and allow time for the dirt to be dissolved and released, agitating if necessary.

2) Rinse thoroughly with clean water, ideally with a pressure washer. It may be necessary to repeat the application for more stubborn dirt. The surface is now ready for acontact wash.

We recommend using Cosmos Shampoo with a microfibre mitt.