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Silex 1 - Ceramic Coating Kit - 2+ Years Protection

Silex 1 - Ceramic Coating Kit - 2+ Years Protection


Silex 1 easy to use, premium ceramic coating that offers unparalleled protection for your vehicle's paint. With a duration of up to 2+ years, this coating is designed for those who demand the very best for their cars and want to keep them looking pristine.

Unlike other coatings that require specialized equipment and lengthy cure times, Silex 1 can be easily applied by anyone, anywhere. The effortless application process means you can apply Silex 1 outdoors, without the need for garages or costly equipment. It's even weather-safe in as little as 30 minutes!

Silex 1 forms a durable, long-lasting barrier that shields your vehicle's exterior from UV rays, water, and other environmental contaminants.


1 bottle of Silex 1 is enough to coat an averaged sized car about 5 times. If sealed tightly and kept in optimal conditions, Silex 1 will last for years to come!


 Contents: 1 x 250ml Silex with spout

2 x Microfibre cloths

2 x Applicators

1. Begin by ensuring that your paintwork is clean and dry. Use an alkaline cleaner like Citrus Blitz or Blizzard Active to prep the surface.

2. Shake Silex 1 before applying a small amount to an applicator or polish sponge. We recommend using a single line on small applicators and three lines on larger ones. You can also spray Silex 1, although this may cause the trigger head to break after some use.

3. Apply Silex 1 to your paintwork in a cross-hatch pattern, working in small areas of about 50x50cm. You should see the coating on the surface, but if not, add more Silex 1 to the sponge. If you notice runs, you may have added too much and it may be harder to polish off.

4. After 15-20 seconds, Silex 1 will have adhered to your vehicle and can be buffed to a smear-free gloss finish with a clean microfiber towel. Make sure all residue is removed as it may become difficult to remove after some time.

5. Repeat the process until your entire vehicle is coated, ensuring a flawless finish that only the most luxurious coatings can achieve.

6. After 30 minutes, Silex 1 will be cured enough to protect against rain or ready for a second coat for up to years protection. It is best practice to to allow 24 hours to cure before washing.